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Presentation (most recent)

21st American Peptide Society Symposium, June 7-12, 2009, Indiana University, Bloomington IN

  1. Staples, M.A., 09JUN2009. “Formulation Strategies for Early Phase Evaluation of Peptide Therapeutics.” Session: Insights and Strategies for Early Phase Development of Peptide Therapeutics.

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Publication (most recent)

  1. Staples, M.A., 2010. “Microchips and controlled-release drug reservoirs.” Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Nanomedicine. Invited Advanced Review: Manuscript accepted Mar 2010.

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Patent (most recent)

  1. Santini, J.T. Jr., Cima, M.J. , Coppeta, J.R., Prescott, J.H., Sbiaa, Z. and Staples, M.A. 2008. Multi-Reservoir Pump Device for Dialysis, Biosensing, or Delivery of Substances. (US 2008/0015494 A1, Filing date:11JUL07; EP 07812808.9-2310).

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